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I started taking graphic arts classes in the 6th grade. Something about the room with the loud machines, chemically smells, and ink splatters made me think it was the coolest room in the school.


I became obsessed with all the hand-crafted projects you could make there, such as silk-screening posters and t-shirts and running the printing press. Experimenting in the dark room by twisting the focus knob during exposure, or turning on the lights while the print was in the stop-bath were my early analog experimentations, years before I knew what Photoshop was.


There was a stint as a cabinet-making apprentice, some print production and graphic design jobs and finally an advertising career as an art director. My background has given me a diverse creative skill set rooted in those traditional graphic arts; design, photography, typography, printing, editing, animation and hand-made craftsmanship. 


I’ve been lucky enough to make things bigger and more influential than I ever thought possible in my early days in the graphic arts room. The best part is, most of the time,

I am still having fun.


I am an Eagle Scout and speak Portuguese. I also design and build furniture and started a brand called North American Modular. Some of my other hobbies include snowboarding, seeing live music and discovering new places to eat cheeseburgers.

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